It is almost time to say goodbye..

To my 20’s that is.

Monday I turn the “big” 3-0… am I looking forward to it? not so much.  There are days when I feel way older than I am and there are days when I feel like a teenager. I have experienced a lot in my (almost) 30 years and have had life experiences that most haven’t had at this age. I was pregnant with my first son at 17 and had him at 18.. married by 21 and mom to THREE by the time I was 23. My story is already quite long for someone my age.

People tell me that the 30’s are the best years. I am kind of counting on that considering this whole journey I am on to focus more on myself and being happy within my own skin. Maybe I should let go the fear of the number…and try to focus on the big things that are ahead for me?