It takes courage


In order to truly change, you need to dig deep and find the courage to do so. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not an easy task. But if you want to change bad enough, you need to embrace all of the hard stuff.

There are four aspects of my life that I want to work on. I am sharing them with you today, in hopes that you will think of the parts of your life that you want to see change by focusing on what YOU truly want.

1. My relationship with my husband.
Why do I want to work on my relationship? Because. As time goes on people tend to forget about the things that drew them together in the first place. You get married and have kids, the kids grow and with that comes all different challenges. Our family has experienced many challenges in the last 9 years and sometimes, we focus so much on what we need to do for our children that we forget to put some of our focus on each other. This can only lead to a disastrous relationship.

2. Self Love
It is kind of hard for me to write this.. but I have a very low self-esteem. I despise what I see in the mirror, focus on all the lumps and bumps leftover from having my boys (seriously.. it looks like I have an old mans butt on my stomach) and cringe when I see the number on the scale. I have done so many diet programs it isn’t even funny. I would lose 10 pounds here and there but I always come back to the same weight as when I started (or more). I have come to the conclusion that this is because I am terrified. I have been somewhat overweight for years and am not sure how I will look or what people will think of me if I lost the weight and kept it off. It is time to quit the self hate talk and focus on LOVING MYSELF!

3. Building a better relationship with my children.
Having three boys in the house can make even the most timid person turn mad. Over the last few years there have been a few additional challenges arise with our oldest son. The stress of everything has made me literally want to run away at times. I want to refocus and reconnect with my children. I want them to look back on their childhood and say with absolute certainty that they had the most kick ass mom on the planet!

4. Believing in ME!
For as long as I can remember, I have never felt good enough. I am constantly telling myself ” you are not good enough.. you should let someone with more skills do that”. Well.. NO MORE! I am good enough and I am worth it. I will help myself grow as a professional and have the career I have always wanted.. I just need to find the courage to believe that I can do it.

All of the things mentioned above will take time. It is a constant struggle to make the changes that you so desperately want. I am here now sharing with you because I want to keep myself accountable. I will look back on this post and put little check marks beside each accomplishment!



New blog.. new beginnings

Hello all my lovelies in internet land!

It’s been awhile, Some of you may remember me from my old blog Sadly it is no more :(. My domain expired and I wasn’t aware (shows how long it had been since I blogged!) and someone bought it right out from under my nose.  So here I am.. starting over with a new blog and a new lease on life.

What will you find on my blog?. Well you will find a bit of everything. My main focus with this particular blog is to highlight my journey of discovering who I am.. “More than Mom” is about turning inwards and making changes within myself, enjoying life as a woman and letting go of the “mom” label. Of course I am and will always be a mother. But being a mom doesn’t define WHO I am as a human being. It is important for everyone regardless of marital status or parental status to focus on making themselves happy and being content within themselves. I want to show you that it is OK to focus on yourself sometimes.. dare I say it.. be a little selfish and take care of yourself first when you need too!


~ Jennifer